so i dated this wonderful girl for 3 years i took her everywhere with me overseas really looked after her treated her kind loved her told her i loved her all the normal good things. Then she cheated on me out the blue while working at sea in america to which she confessed to some 6 months later i was upset shocked but thought i could forgive her giving the realtionship time and investment plus if you love a person you work on things right? anyhow long storey short its been terrbile for months she dropped me in feb and I've begged pleaded for 3 months now. She came home from sea in April and we kind of made things up spending a little time with each other and she slept over etc etc. But now she's gone all cold and horrid again for at least 8 days now she lets me text at least 10 times a day but never responds to anything then sends me this last night :

\HOW F;;;;;; DARE YOU!!! You f;;;;;; insensitive prick!!! Get the f;;;; out of my life and stay out of it!!! You are not important to me in what is happening right now FUCK OFF!

now I've helped her for the past 3 years with her studys for working at sea so her fancy job is now only 10 weeks away from being completed and then its big bucks for her all the way. the point im getting at is because of this relationship breakdown I've lost my job withdrawn feel sad upset sit alone and all i need was a chance to make us work. Im so destroyed but have no idea what im meant to do she's now blocked my texts by the way so contact has gone. She has done this on at least 5 times though over the last 5 months help what do i do about this what can i do?
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