Why is my Ex So Lucky?

I work at a large company, with my ex...

It's cool, we don't see each other too much and act cool towards each other if we do (Despite me feeling so anxious inside)

I really loved her, and she is the only girl/love I have ever had in my life.

She broke up with me, kinda just said she didn't have feelings anymore but didn't really give me a clear answer and it hurt a lot.

About a year later...

She seems so happy, she got promoted and has a really good position ( Makes more money than me), She Bought a New Car, Has a New Boyfriend :( and doesn't care about me anymore... Goes on vacations now ( Never really wanted to travel with me :( )

It hurts me so much, I have a lot of pain in my heart... I don't understand why she broke up, she is not giving me clear answers, and I don't know why she likes the new guy more...

My life sucks, I am already at the top of my position and can't move up, I can't find anyone to date, I feel miserable and depressed all the time, and I feel pathetic.. Look how hurt and sad I am just because I don't have her, then I start thinking it's probrally why she didn't want me... I'm just a loser and I guess she deserves a lot better than me... I don't deserve anyone.
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Why is my Ex So Lucky?
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