Does this count as cheating and what should I do about it?

Basic story here is me and my on/off again boyfriend have been seeing each other exclusively again for about a month and he was meant to come with me to prom and everything but the last time we spoke was last Wednesday. I thought I'd let him message me first because I wanted to see if he actually cared enough as on Wednesday when I saw him he was acting really off and weird with me, but he didn't. On Saturday I saw on his instagram he'd deleted the photo he had of us on there so I messaged him asking if we're over and got 5 messages from him saying he got with someone the night before and doesn't think I'd want to be with him anymore. I of course was fuming, but I didn't react and just told him to meet me. He kept saying like oh i dont know so I just told him to forget it and that I don't care, and he then asked to meet the next day. I had to pick him up from his friends and take him back as he was stuck there so I said I only would if he paid me petrol money and he agreed. So we parked by his and I straight up said I don't want to be with him as he obviously doesn't respect me and has changed so much from the boy I fell in love with and want to be with someone who respects me and treats me right, which isn't him. He tried to justify himself by saying he thought we weren't together as we hadn't spoken and he was waiting for me to talk to him but I said that was no excuse and completely went off on one saying how done I am completely done. When I'd finished he sat there looking down and i said have you got anything else to say and he said no so i said okay bye and he got out the car. I shouted after him can I have my money and he ignored me, but then messaged me later saying he'll give it to me next time he sees me? He then tried to add my snapchat today so I don't know if he gets the idea. What do I do? I'm sad that I've lost him and I would take him back if I'd seen he's changed to back like he was but all my friends and everyone hates him now, what do I do?


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  • i think give him another chance. and try to do equally on ur part too without expecting too much from him.
    relationship stands on 2 pillars, It can't stand on one without the other


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  • No no no no no no no. Girl. Don't even think about getting back to him. I'm sorry to tell you this but he is REALLY immature. A guy who doesn't respect you and your feelings didn't deserve you. You are way to precious for somebody to treat you like that.
    I just think it is disrespectful in general to keep somebody on the dark. He doesn't text or call you and thinks you broke up. Then why didn't he ask? This is really immature. I would let go of him and leave it behind. There are plenty of other guys out there and so many who are going to treat you better.
    I was in a similar situation once and dumped him immediately.
    It may hurt for a while but once you got over it you will realise how ridiculous it would have been to hang onto him.


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  • Go find a new guy. One that is not so immature. One that does not make wrong assumptions just because there is no contact for a while.

  • I think you should try to be just friends for a little while, to see how he behaves, if he still wants to get back together or not, if he is attentive, this kind of stuff


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