Is it bad to say this after being rejected?

We spent a lot of time together and everyone tought that we're dating, once we were talking about us and she said that she sees me just as a friend. I was broken. She tried to text me couple of times but I just wasn't able to accept that and act like nothing happened so I texted her that I need some space and that she shouldn't be acting like that whole time towrads me if she wasn't serious, because I feel like she was playing with my feelings and that we should cut our contact for a while. I feel really terrible to saying this to someone I have feelings for, do you think I did a right thing?


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  • No you were right to say that. You're better than me. I'm usually meaner.


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  • It's good to get it off your chest and let her know how you feel. She obviously led you on and she needs to know she can't play with people's feelings like that.


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