How to win him back?

He (26) suddenly broke up with me three weeks ago. The story:
We met eachother in last July at work, became friends first, then friends with benefits in November. Feelings on both sides began to grow in December, the "official" relationship started in February.
We had no good start, but it became all fine - at least for me.
He has jealousy issues and is very scared to be hurt. I made a few rhetorical mistakes and almost forgot about his problems...
Now I got what I sowed, I guess, because he left me before I could hurt him. He did not want to compromise or find any other solution.
We did not talked or chat with eachother for three weeks now.
I really do love and miss him and at least want to try fighting for the relationship.

So, do you guys have any tips, tricks, advice or anything else helpful for me?
Thanks in advance ❤
How to win him back?
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