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I asked my best friend's sister if she'd go to prom with me and she said yes. She wouldn't let me tell my best friend Anderson about it because she thinks he'd tease her about it. We've been talking every day for a week for hours on end. We got into an argument last Friday because out of the blue after those days we were talking romantically she said she didn't want a relationship, she denies that she led me on and got mad at me for accusing her. Two days later I wrongly apologised cause I was too desperate to lose her. She never apologized and still continued to say it was my fault, she could never back it up and every time I proved it was her fault she'd just say "huh" every time. I can't stand her, she's revealed to me just how selfish, immature, egotistical, controlling, and incompatible she is with me. I want to end it now but should I tell Anderson first?
  • Tell her I'm done with her **** first
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  • Tell Anderson what happened, then tell her I'm done
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  • your under 18 who cares. just go back to ignoring the sister and playing in your socks

    • You know nothing about me but you can waste as much time as you'd like insulting someone who doesn't care 😊

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