My EX ended things with me because his best friend told him to and I am still so in love with him, and I will do anything to get him back, Help me?

Hi so my boyfriend ended things with me because his best friend told him to, and he listened to him and broke up with me. I was heart broken but I honestly thought we would get back together within the next week and we even met up and spent a whole day together and it was awkward at all. Then about a month later we still talked everyday but just as "friends" and then we kissed. I thought it would rekindle our feelings but it didn't and another month passed and he unadded me on social media. I still like him so much and I have done everything to get over him but I can't. I want him back so badly, i don't know what to do, I have gotten past the point of desperate I can honestly say I like him as much as I did six months ago and I think he is the one, please someone help me!


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  • if he would leave u just bc his friend said to, he isn't the one. he probably a fuck boy, and i know you dont wanna admit it, but he is not the one.

    • also, you have your whole life to find someone. like the idea of falling in love in high school is bs. nobody find the one in high school. most find them in college or afterwards. and heart breaks hurt but i promise you'll get over him so easy if you dont think about him and distract yourself.

  • First get rid of his friends 😂


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