Girls behaviors?

Guys what are questions you have on girls behaviors


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  • yeah i have a few.
    -why are girls so heartless aka they dont have compassion like we expect from them?
    -why do girls continue to think guys have to approach and do everything when it doesn't ever work that way?
    -why do girls go for players and not the nice guys?
    - if a girl sees a guy she likes why dont she approach like she is naturally meant to?
    -why are girls commonly bi-sexual?

  • Why do women complain about a certain type of guy then keep dating that type of guy?

    Why do girls flirt with men and hit on men just to lead them on?

    • You know that feeling when you get something that you've been waiting for. And then you get it and you realize that it's not as good as you thought it was. Some of them just think like that. Some men are just like a magnet. They're so bad but addicting because you want more

    • Makes sense in a way.

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