She is a reasonable cheater...shall I forgive her?

The girl whom I loved for 2 years told me that she has an other rich man who has been taking care of her all financial problems for the past ~ 10 months. I used to know the man as her friend...he is an old man (45years) married with 3 kids! but he always SMS and chat with my GF. I suspected and start asking her later she confessed. She had stayed one night with the man! Her reason is she need his help for her University study. She also said she love me and need me forever. I cannot financially support her and thus I understood her reason for cheating but I could not accept the fact that she is sleeping with that man. She is asking me to forgive her and to accept her to do this men?
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She just told me that the guy (the old man) would help her without any preconditions i.e. they will stop dating and sex. She is asking me for forgiveness! Do you think she is sincere? It is very difficult for me to believe her...please have you say
She is a reasonable cheater...shall I forgive her?
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