My girl broke up with me ! will she come back?

We dated for 3 months, everything was fucking perfect till then. Suddenly she meets her ex and realises she is still not over him. She then tells me that we should end this relationship, she also told me that she doesn't wanna go back to her ex and because she still has feelings for she can't be with me. What should i do? :(
p. s. her ex wants her back real bad!


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  • If she comes back to you, don't date her. She dumped you for her ex, which is honestly a pretty shitty thing to do. Dating people like that is pretty toxic. I'd move on.

    • ummm! yeah you are probably right about it, but i guess i will accept her if she comes back anytime soon. Even though she made a joke about my feelings.

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    • thanks for the help :)

    • No problem!

What Guys Said 1

  • Give her some time to think tell her what u think and ask her to make decision what feels right. if she can't decide then you should find someone other because you will be wasting your time and remain would be thinking that things over and over again.


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