My ex girlfriend has been acting strange with me lately?

My ex girlfriend has been acting strange with me lately, ringing me telling me she's not happy in her new relationship and saying she misses me. We (mainly her) keep arranging meetings and then she doesn't get back to me or cancels. I also saw her the other day and she looked to be quite nervous with me. Should I text her and ask what's going on? Ask her to quit the BS and just be honest?



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  • You know her better than anyone so if you are genuinely worried about her than ask her what's up with her. Other wise if she isn't coming out and telling you she could just need a friend to be there just to hang out. If she isn't happy in her new relationship why is she telling you that but not telling you what's wrong with her now?

    If an ex called me and told me that they miss me and that they are not happy in their current relationship, I would be wondering why she is confiding in me but not doing anything about it? I think the only reason she would leave her man is if you say you would get back together with her. Other wise why does she try to met up with you? Cancel on you or not call you back? Drama buddy, good luck.


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  • Be a real man and don't listen to her problems with another man. She has her girlfriends to listen to that. I made that mistake. Tell her she need to take to someone else about relationship problems. You will be happy to talk about something else. She is realizing the grass was not as green on the other side. Turned out to be hay... there is trouble in paradise.

  • yeah I think that she is trying to get back together with you and she is really confused about who or what she wants.


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