How can I resist the urge to text him and call him?

We ended things a few days ago and as hard as I try not to contact him I do. I feel so badly hurt and betrayed and what's even worse is how quickly he moved on. Not even a day after things ended he is with someone else and that hurts more than anything. He keeps telling me that she has spent the night over and blah blah blah. I thought he blocked me yesterday, but he told me that he never did. I'll text and text, but no reply, I'll call and nothing. I can go hours without texting him, but when I start thinking about him being with someone else it hurts and I try to reach out to him to get him to come back to me. Our argument was over something so stupid and he left because of it. He wouldn't even work things out with me, as soon as 2 girls hit him up he was gone. He told me that he still loves me and cares about me, but he wants to talk to other people. How can I stop myself from calling him and texting him?
+1 y
I have his number memorized by heart. He isn't saved in my contacts either.
How can I resist the urge to text him and call him?
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