Death. Not sure it's the right thing to do?

I made my girl the love of my life she changed me into a better person and now she wants me to move on after we broke up cause I have jealously issues. Well territorial issues as in she is mine so stop being so friendly with her kinda thing. I made her my world she is everything to me and now that's crushed. So my world is destroyed so death seems good to me.


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  • you need to take a step back and take a few moments to yourself and think about everything. everything you've been through to get here and everything you still have to keep going. Are you going to deplete your life to one thing that happened or are you going to keep going to experience a better life. now that you have experienced this you have learnt from it and now you have to do everything in your power to never feel it again


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  • You didn't make her the love of your life, you made her your obsession and you tried to make her your possession. You didn't have a healthy attitude towards her or the relationship and so the outcome was inevitable. Your jealousy infected both you and the relationship. You tried to control that which you can't control.

    Now you think that life is over and want to give up? This is one girl in your life. This is one short period of your life. You made mistakes and things didn't work out. Learn from them and become a better person, then you will likely have better outcomes in the future. Don't start believing that this girl was the only girl out there who you will ever feel this strongly for, that is a crock. You will find love again and the next time you will do everything better. Pain after a breakup that you didn't want is inevitable. It doesn't last forever.

    • I like your opinion

    • well 5 years isn't short to me

    • It is short in the greater context of your entire life. It is not even a third of your life to date and you might live for another five or more times your current lifespan. There is a whole lot of living for you to do and you could miss out on so many amazing things if you throw in the towel over one relationship. This will not be the only relationship that you have and the likelihood is that in time you won't even value this particular one that highly in your memories.

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  • your love is to have your girl.. that is not love... the true love is to give.. not have or take

  • Well it's just as well your looking foward to death, because that's the end result of life. Thing is , if you've found something great once, it's a proven fact that it can happen, so it's more a case of strength now.


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