People who grew up with separated moms and dads?

If you grew up in a separated home, at what age did you see the parent who caused all the fights? I have a daughter but her dad is annoying, I never talk bad about him but she tells me how he talks about our side of the family. At what age did you realize your mom or dad was the one who caused all the problems? I guess what I'm wondering is if kids noticed who really starts all the arguments and when they start noticing things for themselves?


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  • The first memory I have is my dad hitting my mum, so I knew it right from the start
    but even after the divorce, my mum has never said a bad word about him

    • I'm sorry that's really hard

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  • 5 years old when I noticed my mom was causing a load of unwanted trouble

  • My parents died when I was 14


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