Help Me Get Over My Ex?

I have been hung up on a relationship for far too long now. In fact, 10 months to be more accurate. I'm sick and tired of caring about this guy and I just want to quit. I'm not sure if this will help give me advice but here's some details:
-It was my first long-term relationship
-The guy was my best friend and kindest person I knew
-We talked every day
-The breakup came out of nowhere
-He ended up dumping me
-He avoided me for months afterwards
-When I finally was able to reach him, he kept telling me lies about why the relationship ended
-One of his friends told me he had actually been planning on dumping me for a while and he just hadn't gotten around to it
-I still don't know why he ended things
-I suppressed it for a long time and now the emotions have come back full swing
-I see him often and can not change that
-I have removed all traces of the relationship from my life
-He has been in relationships since, I have not

Thank you!!


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  • Me and my ex broke up, never got a single answer as to why either.
    All i know is that love was weak even though i was strong with it.
    Sometimes it is best not to look for an answer and just let things be. People act like sadness and remorse is something you cannot carry the rest of your life. Like it hinders on success but in reality, it is what brings you closer to earth, closer to reality and closer to being a strong version of yourself.
    I would say you are over him but you are not willing to accept it.


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  • Do something selfish for yourself everyday, whether that's eating a sweet treat, taking yourself somewhere like a conservatory or a cafe, just take yourself out. You need to reinvest in yourself what you invested in him. Relationships are rough and losing a loved one hurts, you have to mourn it like a death.

    Use this break up as fuel for yourself. Since you're under 18, look at university or college or trade programs. Invest yourself in your studies and in turn you'll be taking care of yourself far better than he ever did.


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  • I'd suggest seeing a therapist of some sort. I had a relationship like that once, with a friend I had my entire life, since kindergarten. Really tore me up for years when jumping into a romantic relationship with her destroyed our friendship.

  • You're 18, 10 months is like a bat of the eye. You want closure, then talk to him. If not, forget it. Real world comes fast. Someone will come along when you least expect it.

  • he dumped you because he don't know your importance in his life.

    be successful and prove him that who you are.
    forget the past
    enjoy your present
    think about your Future

  • that sucks i would help you out but i dont know how

  • same here. the best thing is to get busy with other friends. and keep yourself busy throughout the day , in the things you love to do. try to sleep early in the night, cuz lots of emotional thoughts come at that time, wake up early and go for a walk. talk to yourself since you know yourself better than anyone else. And the important thing is For gods sake do not I REPEAT do not get into any other relationship right now just to forget him. it'll worsen the situation. I'm telling you this by my recent experience. good luck.

  • well if he lies n stuff then he really doesn't care about u


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