Help Me Get Over My Ex?

I have been hung up on a relationship for far too long now. In fact, 10 months to be more accurate. I'm sick and tired of caring about this guy and I just want to quit. I'm not sure if this will help give me advice but here's some details:
-It was my first long-term relationship
-The guy was my best friend and kindest person I knew
-We talked every day
-The breakup came out of nowhere
-He ended up dumping me
-He avoided me for months afterwards
-When I finally was able to reach him, he kept telling me lies about why the relationship ended
-One of his friends told me he had actually been planning on dumping me for a while and he just hadn't gotten around to it
-I still don't know why he ended things
-I suppressed it for a long time and now the emotions have come back full swing
-I see him often and can not change that
-I have removed all traces of the relationship from my life
-He has been in relationships since, I have not

Thank you!!
Help Me Get Over My Ex?
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