Why are some guys such dicks after a break up?

we were together for two years, basically what happened is I let him treat me like shit for 6 months, and one day I finally had enough and out my foot down, and he broke up with me because I told him he needed to cut the treating me like shit or we weren't going to work🙃

Its been a month and a couple weeks since we broke up and I've asked him for my things back from his house, and everytime I ask he's like "it's not a priority of mine" or "you'll get it when you get it" and all kinds of crap like that. I waited a month to ask for my stuff back, and now it's been two weeks of me trying to get my shit back and I'm about ready to March into his damn house take my shit and leave. he's not a busy person he literally does nothing so he has time to get it back to me, he doesn't even have to see me to give it back to me he just has to leave on my car or my doorstep or something lol He knows I don't want him back, and he already has someone else that he's talking to which I'm glad about, he can be her problem now lol and he keeps telling me "I'm moving on and I suggest you do too" whenever I ask for my stuff back, which I'm damn well working on moving on but I would like my shit back🙃

Why is he being such a tw*t about simply returning my things?
I returned all his things a week after we broke up, I work 5 days a week 10 hours a day and still managed to get his shit back to him so I don't get it lol
Why are some guys such dicks after a break up?
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