Ex girlfriend hit me up and apologized for being a total bitch and said she missed me, and won't make definite date, what can I do?

Long story short, my ex hit me up and apologized, said she acknowledges she was a total bitch and this and that, said she missed me a lot in those month, i set up a quick date and we went out, had dinner and then i kissed her, she kinda put resistance but then gave in.

She made out then she said she wasn't expecting that and just wanted to be friends, i said no romance no. nothing basically.

She told me about this dude she's been talking ti that lives in another country, well i told her basically that if its not romance then fuck it cuz i dont want to be only her friend. Two days went by without texting, yesterday she texted me games on imessage. I tried to ask her when she was free to get together and she just asked "to do what?"

Obviously ain't about that life so what should i do? She obviously chose the other dude so should tell her to just dont text me if its not to rekindle things romantically or everytime she texts me tell her it was nice to hear from her but i gotta run until she either brings up getting together or stops texting me?


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  • the second method is what coach Corey Wayne suggests as well, if it's something romantic you want, then let her know that you two ain't meeting unless something's going down, and then use the gotta run tactic till she wants to meet

    • Yup i was trying to apply what corey says, thats why i set a date and managed to makeout

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    • haha u don't need a big dock to get a woman to stay, am a living proof, you just gotta get her emotionally attached, which will include the great sex

    • I said that joking mate but yeah, ima lay back and if she doesn't want to then she can go to her other guy

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