My wife flirting with my friend?

Tonight wondering if anyone had any advice on my situation. Tonight i invited my best friend over for some drinks with my wife and i , things started out fine with the usual banter of laughing and joking with each other , but as the night progressed and drink started to kick in i felt more and more like an outsider in the conversations and the banter between my wife and my best friend started getting more sexual innuendo orientated , this bothered me and when i tried to get in on the conversation my wife put me down sexually and although she put it across as a joke this hurt me , i have noticed many times before that my wife and my best friend seem to get on very well but tonight i felt very uncomfortable with things that were said , anyway to cut a long story short when my friend left i decided to talk to my wife about tonight's events , I told her that i felt like crap with all the flirting going on and asked her if she found him attractive. Perhaps i should never have said anything as this went down like a lead balloon and we ended up having a massive row and i'm now sleeping on the settee tonight. Was I wrong to say anything to her? Do you think that perhaps i came across as accusational? Any help would be grately appreciated...
My wife flirting with my friend?
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