Why does He Hate Me?

My ex Boyfriends Friend John has started working at my Job I didn’t think anything of it. Until I actually had to work with him, He ignored me the whole time and was just plain rude to me. SO then I hear from coworkers that john has been talking about me. He said he didn’t like me, I was a cheater and I sleep around.

I found all those things to be kind of rude for the fact that john barely knows me. All he knows is I dated his friend. Also John asks my ex (his friend) about me. He asked his friend (my ex) why does she only work in the morning? Why does he even care? Then he told my ex (his friend) I don’t dislike her and I have no problem with her if she doesn’t believe me just give her my number. Him offering his number to me just sounds suspect.

Honestly , It sounds like my ex (his friend) still has a problem about the break which was a year ago and John is weak minded.


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  • i think you might have hit the nail on the head


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  • your Ex is not comfortable about Ur present relationship and he is breaking it.


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