It become weird-er?

My ex views my IG stories. He's the one who cut our communication (He didn't reply to my msgs. He uninstalled his viber app. Bcs he has a gf) And now he views my IG stories. Its very new to me.

After we broke-up, we became "friends with benefits" That's it.


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  • why would he talk to you if he has a girlfriend and you were on the side for sex


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  • I mean your in charge of your life, it is a bit weird- considering he has a girlfriend right now and is still trying to creep in your life.


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  • How are you friends with benefits and not talk?
    He has a girlfriend so he doesn't talk to you but he sleeps with you?
    This whole situation seems horrible.

    • exactly lol , i agree, somethings up

    • To make this clear. The "Friends with benefits thing" happens last year after we broke up. Starting of this year, he didn't talk to me like he didn't reply to my msgs and he uninstalled his viber acct. Then one time he posted a picture with his "new babe" on IG.

    • Still, if he is an ex, why are you wasting the time worrying about what he is and is not doing. Block him and move on with your life

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