Why my ex never keeps viewing all of my stories and liking all posts on instagram?

We were in relationship for 4 months and broke up 3 weeks ago. He ended things with me respectfully face to face at my house. He cried and said he will be sad and he will miss me but he thinks we won't work in long term. He likes me and enjoyed my company but he know it won't be forever as he couldn't develop the deep emotional connection.

I thanked him and told him I will miss him and next girl will be very lucky.

Since then I emailed him to acknowledged my bad behavior and said timing was wrong wish I dealt with my issue before I met him.

He responded and told me he likes me but it's not meant to be as timing is wrong and we are at different stages of life. He is 13 years older than I...

However since the break up he never stopped likign my posts and viewing my stories.. nor has he gone back to dating sites.

If he was so certain he never had the emotional connections with me, why doesn't he go look for someone else now? and why is he still trying to "stay in touch" on instagram?


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  • It's possible to know your ex was not a good match AND to not be ready to look for a new woman. He probably wants to be friends but thinks it would hurt you/him moving on. Just a guess.

    • I get what you are saying... however like he said he never had deep emotional connection wtih me... it should mean nothing is holding him back from moving on?

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    • It's sad. I mean we both have feelings can't we workvit out? I'm taking positive steps to work on my issues. :(

    • he now logs into dating site once a week.. i guess he is determine to not coming back... yet he checkes everything I do on instagram.. liking posts of me and family (non sexy photos) and viewing stories...

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  • Yeah, he really wants you, so sad he fells guilty for being older.
    Or maybe he feels he can't keep up with your ryhtm but you make him so horny... he can't avoid seein your pics

    • haha you are funny, my pictures are not those duckface bikini selfies.. some are scenary, some are food.

      He said he never developed the emotional connection wtih me though? bascially he said he can't stand women his age. he likes youger ones like myself but now he aid we are at different stages of life...

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    • Hm, i have an idea, post a picture that means you fell less happy, with some message, like... "waiting for your return..." or something simbolic that he can understand its about you and him.

    • Mmm that would be a really brave move. Also I'm not sure what my followers are going to think. It's not a private personal account

  • yo. why do you still let him follow your insta?

    • Why not? the break up wasn't nasty and he was respectable. Tha'ts not really answering my question...

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    • Hope you are joking. How would sending nudes help?

    • @hahahmm I know right. Nudes add no value to it. Nudes are cheap you can find them anywhere

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