Is it cheating and what do I do?

I was on my boyfriend's phone because I was going to send myself a picture cause he has loads of pictures of me that he screenshots and saves that I don't have and I needed I new profile picture... then I see a screenshot of a Snapchat conversation and it was two ass pics, it was just the but nothing else no face or anything... I confronted him about it and he stayed quiet... he's is one to hardly show his emotions but he started crying and apologizing saying how he didn't know who it was etc. and the only reason he kept it was because he jerked off to it... he keeps begging me for a second chance and Everytime we see each other he begins to cry and moves away cause he doesn't want me to see him.. at this point I don't know what to do... I have never second guessed if he would ever cheat on me because if I want to use if phone or something he doesn't hesitate and nothing before has ever made me feel like he would cheat on me... I just don't really know what to do... he now constantly tells me that he knows he doesn't deserve another chance and that he doesn't deserve me but he just wants one more chance to prove to me that he'll change and at any point or time I feel like he doesn't change that I can leave him and he'll understand that he really fucked this up

side note we've been together for about 9 months


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you think you can trust him and you believe that all that was is jerk off material then do it. If you think it's bullshit let him go. Simple as that. Because the relationship seems strained so I would make a decision soon. He seems to be losing it.

    • the thing was it wasn't strained well from my prospective we literally talk about everything on daily basis etc... it was random that's why I'm confused

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  • I mean if you think it's cheating you should end it because you'll likely have resentments.

    I'd make him shoe his Snapchat and be like I send you pics or use. porn not a random girl that he could possibly have something more with

  • That is cheating because he's receiving snapchats from other bitches

    • *EXPLICIT snapchats, not just snapchats in general
      Also why weren't your pictures good enough to jack off to?

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    • What do you think you're going to do?
      I see you're under 18, and I can promise you this behavior doesn't get different with age

    • I found a picture of a girl with piercings and tattoos with her tits hanging out on my bfs phone.. I literally lost my shit because I provide him pics.
      The only thing that comforted me was itwasnt a girl he knew

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