What should you do?

What should you possibly do if you still didn't move on from previous relationship while being in another... if it hits you times to times, makes you remember which hurts you so fucking bad?


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  • If this happened to me, which I made the mistake of doing just like yourself (hindsight is 20/20), I'd mention it to my significant other to let them know that I have something that I need to work out. Whether they wait for you, help you, or even stay is up to them and how much they care for you.

    Your current relationship Could be revisited in the future and you just might come back a better person after the end of your self-reflection.

  • Its a mistake to start a new relationship while you didn't cleaned your head... thats the perfect time for you to only hang around with friends that dont want to eat you and invest a little more on fun things and met new people, but not for romantic porpuses.

  • Be honest with the guy its not fair and leading someone on is extremely fucking annoying


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