Marking his territory?

So this guy I'm into gave me hickeys but we were trying to keep our hook ups secret because he had just broken up with his ex. so if he wanted to keep it secret why did he give me the hickeys?


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  • Because he's a guy and he has hormones. Hormones that impair rational thought in favor of pleasure.


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  • I wouldn't have given you a hickey. I would have just pee'd on your leg and instructed you not to shower. People would be able to pick up my scent and stay away. Like dogs do.


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  • He gave you the hickeys because he's trying to keep other guys at bay , but if you would have done the same I'm sure there WOULD have been a PROBLEM. He doesn't want to keep it a secret he wants YOU to keep it a secret . After all how many hickeys did he end up with ?

    • 4ish, but the way I get hickeys is different from most people because they are never just circles. I get them really easily because my neck is sensitive so it kinda makes a line of them..

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