My ex girlfriend is avoiding and ignoring me, she even unfollowed me on social media, how can I get her to talk to me again?

I might have hurt her feelings and made her angry so now she acts like I don’t even excist. She clearly doesn't wanna talk to me or hear about me. I tried to make her smile and forgive me, but she's just giving me the cold shoulder. I don't wanna lose her, I don't know what to do next.


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  • Try writing her a letter. Letters are advantageous because you can say everything you want to say and she can read it whenever she wants and she has to listen, she can't argue back. If you actually did hurt her feelings, make you you apologize sincerely and explain that you really want to work things out with her and all that. After you deliver it, it's up to her to do what she wants, whether it's meet up with you to talk, forgive you, break up with you, whatever... but at least you'll have done everything you can.


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  • Whether or not you can get her back depends on the magnitude of what you have done and how much it hurt her. If you hurt her badly then you might not get a second chance. That's why we need to think about what we do BEFORE we do it, because we don't always get to try again.

    If she won't talk to you then you have no avenues in which to do anything. All that you can do is to get on with your life and work on improving yourself.

    • Well we were starting to hang out again but things weren't going like I wanted them to (I wanted to be more than friends) so I quess I just got frustrated and without thinking about it lashed out on her and told her that I don't even care, I have a new girlfriend now anyway and she's way better than my ex ever was (which is a total lie, the girl doesn't even excist). Needless to say she didn't really take it that well. She's kept distance ever since.

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  • Leave the girl alone. Move on

  • The time is now! Text her!!!


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