I have been in love with the same guy a year doesn't like me. Give up friendship?

The guy I've liked way too long dated me and I must've messed up somewhere down the line because he left me after a week. He finds me 10 thousand percent unattractive but tries to be my friend. I see him chase after my friends and I don't want this to go on anymore. I once promised him we'd be in each others lives forever, but now all I do is cry. Should I break the promise?
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  • Keep the friendship 4 sure. Sometimes when u go out with someone it doesn't work out but sometimes as well if u keep. The friendship going u might turn out 2 b great friends it's happened 2 me. Keep the friendship going if it works out it works out if it doesn't it doesn't but at least u guy's have try anyway it's better than breaking up and not give friendship a go then it's playing on your mind.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Break the promise. You have to look out for yourself! Your wellbeing and happiness should be your number 1 priority in life. He will understand this and respect your decision. If he doesn't his a jackass.

    Being friends isn't going to help you move on either, its going to hold you back and hurt you. Trust me; I've been there. Best to look after yourself ❤


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  • So, here's the thing. This guy doesn't really care about you. He may be polite, and friendly, and may genuinely want the best for you, but he doesn't actually care for you. If he did, he would still be with you, and not going after your friends. From the tone of your question, I get the impression also that you're looking either for a reason to keep pining after him or an excuse to drop him for good. I'd say go with the latter. You're very young and attractive, and there are literally millions of young men out there for you to explore. Don't waste any more time on somebody who isn't really interested.

    • Lol I don't know how you'd know I'm attractive but thank you 😋

  • move on..


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