I thought I was over my ex but I've been thinking about her more and more lately?

We broke up because she kept something from me which was pretty much a lie. It really hurt and I said someethings that werent so nice but she knew what she did wasn't right. We were together for about a year.

I've only talked to her once the past 3 months... We blocked eachother on social media, but texted once. It was a family situation and she cared and said goodnight but I was still upset over what happened, so i brought it up she got mad at me and ignored me for the first time ever...

It has been a month since then and I still have the urge to talk to her... She said I wasn't important anymore etc etc but lately her friends have told me she's still upset about us.

I want to talk to her and text her because I miss her but I couldnt take being ignored again. What do I do. It kills me she doesn't want to talk or make up.
And If i do text her what do i say?


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  • If you can't honestly forgive what she did /hid... then simply let time pass and find someone new... I don't know the severity of the situation if what she hid or did was sooo wrong or not, but clearly if it bothers you and you cannot forgive 100%, then that relationship will never work...

    I wouldn't forgive things like cheating or talking to someone in an intimate way behind my back, type of thing... etc etc.. cause it's bound to happen again... but if someone decided to go back with someone who cheated or something in relation, then hat person needs to forgive completely!!! 100%!! If they want to even try to work things out again... cause otherwise, the person will always be bothered by whatever it is they can't forgive, and in hat case it's better to just move on to someone else... and yes it is usually hard to do, but it's not impossible... simply don't remember he good things about them, the good times you spent... instead don't think about it and if you do, only try to remember the bad times so you won't miss what you had with that person... only time can heal but you have to allow it to pass without torturing yourself thinking about the person...

    Also I can honestly say if you start dating someone's else it helps you faster forget! And maybe you find something better. GL!! 👻!!


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  • I'm assuming she ignored you because she was bitter that you broke up with her. Here's the thing if you still have feelings for her and you think you would want to work it out and that you know she knows what she did was wrong then you should still give it a shot. it won't hurt to try and talk to her because if you don't you might regret it.

    • I didn't really break up with her... She did most of it but I wanted an apology and she never gave one so we just stopped talking.

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    • When she was drinking she said it wasn't right she did what she did. But she won't directly apologize (most women..). She puts all the blame on me for how i reacted and I did say mean things but she doesn't understand the fact the her actions are the only things that lead to me saying those things.

    • I feel ya there man. It just all depends on if you think she is worth trying again. I would say go ahead and try to start talking to her again in a friendly way and see where it goes from there. Don't put pressure on anything and see if you have any rekindled feelings about her afterwords. Good luck man.

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