To text or not to text... I think after accusing my boyfriend of cheating it's done, I have so much left to say should I text my last feelings?

Since he won't see me face to face or talk to me on the phone, I love him but my mistaken accusation was a week ago, should I text my last feelings to leave nothing left unsaid, and free my mind of not getting the chance, I don't expect a response just want to say my peace and be free


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  • can't really hurt at this stage can it?

    • That was my thought, why hold onto it, he may never read them might just delete them but at least I put it out there and my mind and heart are free

    • it will be cathartic at least

What Girls Said 1

  • Do itttttt. It's better to regret after you act, instead of regretting after doing nothing.

    • Maybe I'll luck out and he'll read them and at least let go of some of the anger towards me for accusing him

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