Should I just move on after almost 7 years?

So my boyfriend and I have been together 6 years. We have had a great relationship so far no cheating or anything never any breaks or nothing. But about a week ago I called him. I asked him why haven't he called me in 2 days. His response was that he doesn't have time to think about a relationship because he need to get his life together because he is getting older and he doesn't have a job or any money. I have 2 jobs and I don't wanna day he is jealous but he always throws it in my face that I have 2 jobs and I should be happy that I'm not broke. I constantly help him with job apps and everything. But he doesn't put in any effort at all! So when I talked to him a week ago he was fussing saying he doesn't have time anymore and to think what I want to think about the situation and he hanged the phone up in my face. We haven't talked since. What should I do. I am giving him his space but he said he is not thinking about a relationship and when I try to comfort and talk to him he didn't wanna hear it. It was out of no where. How can we not talk for 2 days then when I ask where has he been he gets mad, fuss me out then hangs up. What should I do? Should I just leave him alone?


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  • man this is a hard one because you guys have bee. togather for 6 years. so what have he been doing for money in the 6 years? and its up to you if you want to move on is this relationship worth saving then you should tey to stick it out. but if it isn't then as hard as it should be you have to leave cause you deserve better

    • I want to stick it out and make it better but he is always pushing me away. He has had jobs before but for the last year he hasn't. And he has lost out on jobs because he smokes weed. I have been begging him for these 6 years to stop. He told me he has but I really don't know for sure. I trust him but he always lie about him stop smoking. So I don't know. But I just don't know what to do. Maybe he is tired of me. Maybe he just wanna focus on his life and do new things. This is all so shocking to me because we were good. Then when he wasn't calling I was worried. I was calling him but no answers or texts back. And now we haven't talked for a week. That's the longest time we ever went without talking to each other. I don't know what to do

    • sounds like to me he's not feeling like a guy because he can't provide for you. since he doesn't have a job he can't buy you things or take you out and do thinga for you. i know it doesn't matter to you and that you just love him but this is how guys think. if a guy can't provide foe his girl but he isn't himself. i hope things work out for you and things get better

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  • Tell him you're not going anywhere. Be as supportive as you can. Sounds like he's going through some tough times. He really needs you right now.


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  • it sounds like he's just at a super low point in his life. i would just stick with him as much as possible and try to motivate him to actually get something done and end what sounds like a pity party

  • He probably feels unequal and doesn't wanna rely on you let him be a man and do his thing should support him

    • I was thinking that too. He always tell me let him handle it let him do this and that. And I'm such a moma bird over him. I let him do things on his own but I am always like over him. So I'm just going to chill and let him be a man. That's what he told me to do the last time we talked a week ago. He was so mad. I wanted to talk and ask why like maybe I could have helped him but he said no. He said everything I'm doing not helping him and he just gonna help himself.

    • He probably just feels incapable of doing something on his own maybe he was brought up like that to wich can be a blow to our ego i think he just needs to do his thing and find himself not to sound corny lol

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