How do I deal with the feeling of complete and total loss after a breakup? I don't miss him; I miss being in love. What can I do to help?

I'm demisexual, so I don't fall for anyone much. Even my relationships outside of dating are typically a little aloof sometimes, but when I get close to someone I get really attached. Losing a person I've gotten close to hurts not because I miss them, but I feel like a level of joy is gone and I know it'll be forever till I find it again.


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  • there is nothing like the joy that love brings and it is tough when it leaves. i have found it hurts a lot less when I learned to love myself

  • That's tough... Confusing Feelings... Just remind yourself it wasn't meant to be and try to distract yourself


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  • Accept that it's

    • Sorry. * accept it's over and move on to other activities and ways to spend your time. Even think about going out and meeting new people.

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