Should I text her again to apologize?

I met this girl in late 2015, got her number, but then she told me she lived in another state. We still decided to text, and we ended up catching feelings and texting every day for several months (it was like we were in a relationship, but never official). I broke things up because I saw no future, despite still having feelings. She told me she loved me.
A few months later she texted me again. She wanted to be friends, but I was an asshole and I didn't treat her right, so she decided to confess and told me she still loved me and that she was planning on taking a trip to my town to see me in a few months, but after how I treated her, she called things off and told me to not reply to that text so she could finally move on.

Her last text was last August, but since then, I've been feeling guilty for the way I treated her. She didn't deserve it, but I was an asshole. I don't have any feelings. I don't want anything with her anymore, I just want to apologize to her and let her know that I still cared (and still do) despite acting like a total jerk.

Should I text her and apologize, or should I just forget about it and move on?
Should I text her again to apologize?
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