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I have a female friend i have toxic feelings for that make me change in ways i wish not and i want to end this 'friendship' also she doesn't have feelings for me she made that clear, i made a paragraph to tell her the truth about my feelings, is this good or should i rethink my words. "I apologise for not saying this any sooner, it would have saved a lot of time, and feelings. First off i am unhappy with our friendship as i do things i don’t do for other people and i don’t like that about myself, i don’t like the feeling of not being able to withstand frustration with you or anger, what I’m saying is i change myself in ways around you i don’t like and i can’t help it and i won’t be able to in the future. This, being around you, is just painful for me i can’t stand to win your approval like a pet, wait for your texts like a child or wanting to make your interests my own, I’m not me and i don’t want to be that person, i want to be myself and around you i can’t seem to do so, I’m not sugar coating any of this anymore or trying to fix or keep something whilst i change and hurt in the process, i don’t want this, i don’t want friendship, i don’t want to sound rude or heartless even if it seems as i do but I’m being honest, this isn’t me and i can’t stand to be someone I’m not. I suggest this is where we part ways as i refuse to change, it’s not you it’s me doing things without control and to fix this we both know the logical decision there is to be made. You may feel sad, angry and want to say things that may hurt me and you in the process, but can you really tell me this can change, because it can’t and it won’t, you know that as do I, I only tell you this so it saves all the pain that could be built later on. You have a bad habit of making people infatuated with you and it can’t be helped, I can’t have these emotions and change in my life, if you have any moral respect in my feelings you will let me do what needs to be done, goodbye, most certainly for good."


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  • I think you did fantastic. if someone is clearly toxic, it's best to get them out of your life before it's too late. I'm glad you were able to be assertive. good job


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