I can't do it anymore?

So I just saw a picture of my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. We dated for almost two years, and he cheated. (read my other posts to know the situation a little better) I can't help but to cry. I miss him so much..


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  • hey...whatever ur situation is?. If he has cheated on you then you shouldnt cry for him. And even if he comes back to u, kick his ass. bcoz with out trust it's not worth to be in a relation. because you can't be in love when you don't even trust. Just try to get out of it.

    Take care


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  • How long have you two been broken up?

    • A few days over a month. We went out for almost 2 years.

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    • Do you think he flaunts his new relationship all over Facebook because he's trying to bother me? My therapist told me that he is going to regret it, if he hasn't regreted it yet. He was so amazing. I must say we were fighting a lot the week before we broke up. But, I just can't process how he can hold someone new in his arms when I'm still grieving about loosing him..

    • Well girls are different than guys in every way... and if you love him the way you say you love him and he doesn't see that then one day it'll hit him that you loved him so much and he just let you go like nothing. Believe me, when you stop caring he'll start caring, with this guy I like he was like yeah I don't really like you so I just stopped liking him and like three seconds later he was like... I really like this girl and whatever and I was like oh... that's nice and then he was like

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