I've sent him a big long message how I feel and it's a negative thing?

So this boy really liked me and he's really clingy. He constantly wants to ring me and this morning I sent him a big long message about how i feel. He still hasn't replied and Im starting to feel more and more nervous coz I just wanna know how he's gonna respond. I know I've done the right thing by telling him the truth but I'm scared he won't understand and have a go at me because he does have anger issues and he's probably gonna react differently. Has anyone been in my shoes?


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  • I have been in similar shoes albiet not the same. Honestly what I have done is just wait, and if they don't respond, you just have to accept it. What I have learned is life becomes world's easier when you stop caring about certain things


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  • its nothing bad, but maybe you shouldve told him in person

    • This. People are far too afraid of these things in person. Stuff gets lost in translation in text. But also assuming it was disappointing news as far as his goals, it could take some processing.

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