My SO puts just my message notifications on silent, why?

It's not like I text a whole lot or anything but when I find out he's had just me on silent I text him an important question and then later when I ask why he didn't respond he tells me that his whole phone was on silent and he didn't hear it go off or he was watching videos and didn't hear it, I know he lied about it the last time because he changed his story and when I told him that he just said he couldn't remember why. I know he was texting other people because I've seen him in the other room on his phone. Why would he put just me on silent? He's done it before and said that it was an accident and his phone kept doing it on its own but he has a new phone now and figured out how to do it again.


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  • how often do you text him?

    This is really shitty behaviour. Even if someone did that to a friend, they would no longer be friends.

    • I text him everyday but I don't blow his phone up... I'll wait for him to respond before I text back. I try not to be that kind of person

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    • I haven't flat out asked him yet but most of the time we're happy and then sometimes it seems like he's just ignoring me and I can't figure out why, he won't say if he's mad at me or upset about anything and he acts like it's all fine. And if I ask him why he's ignoring me he'll turn it around and say he's not but that I'm ignoring him, he still won't act like he's mad he just kinda laughs and starts joking around. It honestly feels like he's doing it for no reason

    • you need to ask him directly and tell him how you feel.

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