Kind of confused as to why my ex is trying to help me out financially?

Okay so we been together for four years pretty damn sure he has boderline personality disorder which gets worse with his drinking problem. entirely frustrating situation. Well one night he got super drunk of of vodka usually drinks wine because usually, he gets worse with harder liquor. well he was stumbling and falling down and grumbling then he like attacked me on the couch i was mostly trying to keep his hands off of me and asking what was wrong with him and pinned him down after he stopped struggling i let go thinking that he got over whatever the fuck was wrong with him. then he was like were perfect together were evenly matched. the like two seconds later he was like let's see who is stronger and I said no I don't want to fight you i want to be left alone. and then he started punching me repeatedly in the face i was shocked for a sec then i started punching him back and this went on back and forth until i managed to pin him to the floor and tell him i was calling my mother and this was the last straw. I couldn't reach my mother cuz it was like two in the morning and i was panicking but didn't want to deal with the cops twice in one night they came earleir cuz he was harrasing the neighbors. well the neighbors called the cops and i answered the door and they arrested him. i got a restraining order the next day. i have told him like every week i dont like him drinking and that he needs help he doesn't listen to me he just reasons its not that bad i can still go to work i dont have a drinking problem. I also asked him to see shrink for his extremly emotional and dramatic behavior. So anyways with the restraining order i allowed texting because we have a daughter with severe brain damage and he was ssid payee, also really having trouble finding a daycare or someone to watch her so i can find a job. But he transferred payee to me appaherently got a second job so he can help me pay the bills. I don't know if he thinks we getting back togther later or what.


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  • tldr...
    maybe your break up was mutual, it was you... it just didn't work out between you.. doesn't mean he can't like, love, appreciate or other..

    people feel good about helping other people. maybe he's got the extra money and knows how much helpbyou need, and it'll make him feel good about himself.

    or, he could be offering to use it against you later down the road, .. didn't read it all, sorry..


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