She lets me get close but doesn't really reciprocate much.

I am friends with this woman. We have become quite close and when I see her there is quite a lot of physical contact. I have read that a woman won't let you touch her if she isn't attracted to her, I don't know how true this is. In my case she lets me regularly hug her, hold her around the waist, hold hands, kiss her on the head and forehead and stand far too close to her for extended periods. She seems to exhibit plenty of signs of attraction (dilated pupils, orientation of feet and shoulders, interest in me, laughing at everything I say and others) but rarely seems to respond very much. She makes no effort to get away or avoid contact, appears to smile all the time when we are close, occasionally she puts her arm around my waist or touches my arm. When I hug her she hugs bag and sometimes leans her head on my chest, but I am worried that there isn't much response and I may be making her feel uncomfortable but she just isn't showing it.

I think that normally she is up front with people over problems so think she probably would have not let things get like this if she was uncomfortable with it.

Why then does she soak up the attention and not give much back? I am really baffled by this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lots of views but no answers...hmm. Is it too hard to answer or too obvious? Someone at least tell me that, please!


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  • It seems that you need to be with her and ask her out.


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