We had a break because boyfriend of 6 months is stressed. Now it's difficult getting back into it.

We just had a break because my boyfriend asked for one, everything was fine and I, and no one else saw this coming, its been 2 weeks and now were not fully together again, its like we've started again but he won't say it, we date etc and see each other about...every three days or so and speak everyday, is he just easing back into our relationship or something?

At the moment I'm just going along with it but yesterday he said "he doesn't want anyone else and wants me but isn't sure" pretty cryptic to me.

Question is, do I sit it out or stop trying, from an outsiders view it looks like he's messing me about - but I'm just trying to give him his space to decide what he wants...



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  • see where it goes, don't try anything


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