Is it over.. I gave him space and yesterday got a text assuming I'd be out drinking?

After getting so drunk and ruining our relationship. accusing him of cheating I'm avoiding booze, plus I'm sick, so I responded I have bronchitis and am home in bed, and I said no alcohol. Today I get a text saying hope you're feeling better. I replied saying a little, I miss you, I'm sorry I was stupid. He replied "stupid isn't the word". I responded saying "I'm sorry i was crazy, emotional and unhinged". His only response"yep". I said "well I'm sorry and I miss you and love you very much" again he replied "yep". Why are you texting me if you don't want to talk to me. What is this about then?


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  • I think he just doesn't want apologetics. He probably still cares about you, but needs time before hearing stuff like that.


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  • He probably wanted you to know that he read your messages while making you understand that he s already moving on and doesn't hold any grudge against you (angry people dont just tetto "yep"...).
    There isn't much you can do, if he still doesn't start some kind of conversation that means he turned page, and he you should too

  • maybe he's heard it before.

    • Why text me at all then. I've been giving him his space. It's only been a week but today finally starting to eat again and figured he was gone. I hope he'll stay, but if you're not ready to have a conversation then leave me be

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    • That's kind of a jerk thing it'd be better to not text me at all, I haven't reached out since Tuesday

    • well remember this is just my opinion. But i've been around the block a time or 2

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