Will not contacting him make him want me back?

Long story short. I was in a relationship with a guy for about 6 years. we broke up about 7 months ago and have kept regular contact. we hang out and talk all the time.he is even planning on coming to the beach with my fam for a few days.

i am ready to start our relationship again and not having commitment from him is starting to get difficult. whenever we bring it up he just says that he isn't ready to jump back into a relationship.i kind of feel like he's taking me for granted...trying to have his cake and eat it to. we act like boyfriend girlfriend in every way except the commitment. I know he isn't seeing anyone else and he says I'm the one he wants to be with...

i think part of the reason that he isn't ready is because after the break up we actually started getting along better we realized our feelings for each other were strong and we treated each other so much better than we did before the break up.i think he is enjoying the attention I am showering him with and is afraid that if we get back together it will return to the way it was before the break up.i know it won't because I have changed completely.

if I back off on contacting him as often do you think this will open his eyes to how much he truly wants to be with me? I want him to see that he can't have me 100% if he's not willing to give back 100%? please help and give any advice.

Will not contacting him make him want me back?
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