I love her and she loves me but what about her present bf?

Life is getting blur... Can't decide what is right or wrong thing to do... i believe I'm in love with her... true love.. Don't know... do i deserve her... Don't know... can i keep her happy in the future.. Don't know... should i break them up... Don't know... should i walk away.. Don't know...
The thing i only know is that i love her... Can't imagine my life without her... Can't see her in pain... im ready to go to extremes​for her... i just know that i love her... more than i ever loved someone... Physically​ & mentally im attracted to her in both the ways... just can't stop thinking about her... i guess the right thing to do is make her realise that her present boyfriend is better than me & she should be with him... but the thing is she is in love with me and she feels breaking up with darshak is a wrong thing coz she promised him that she will always be there with him... its like having an arranged marriage that u can't escape from... However my husband is i have to live my restofthe life with him... i have to compromise and adjust to whatever he wants... she doesn't get this... i imagine my life with her... Every night Every​day i imagine being with her... At night i imagine cuddling with her... I imagine us holding hands and walking... i imagine giving her small surprises​... hugging and crushing all her pain... i just can't imagine life without her... so tell me what should i do


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  • You need to tell her all this!!

    • already did today

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    • Good luck

    • thanks

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