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Myex boyfriend and I had been together for 6 months. We always had fun together. He was very nice and acted like a gentle man. We never really had bad times or arguments. The only frustrations we ever seemed to have was deciding where went out to eat at. I adored him and showed him how much I valued and appreciated him every single day. including sometimes rubbing his back til he fell asleep when I stayed the night with him. He runs a local business and stays pretty busy through the week and sometimes weekends. his job is his passion which I support fully. He always smiled and said how nobody has ever treated him the way that I do. Suddenly a few weeks ago he just stopped speaking to me after texting me that he can't show emotion towards anyone and wants to be alone. I text him at least once a day still, no replies or phone calls. I have belongings at his house including a blanket of mine I always sprayed with my perfume before Id leave his house because he sleeps with it and loved how it smelled like me. He won't bring my stuff to me or leave it at a friends house. When I try to approach him somewhere he avoids talking to me and tries to leave. I tell him I love him and he starts tearing up and he is driving away. He did this one time before and we reconnected but all he said then was that he didn't know what was wrong with him. I feel like he does have feelings for me and is afraid to show it. He said he was done but I just don't believe it if he is still holding on to my stuff like the blanket. He knows that getting my things back are closure to me. So what is the real truth in this? Is he done or afraid? What should I do to work through this or get my things back?


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  • This sounds like a space problem as much as he feels for you maybe to much for him and his therefore not ready to settle I would back off collect your things by demanding them back then go silent no texting or phone calls just silence Don't let him think your there everything this happens let him hae to work for your attention then you will either move on or he will swoon to your attentions

    • I have text him repeatedly asking if I could come get my things or if he could leave them at our mutual friends house but he doesn't respond or leave my things. He knows getting my stuff is my closure. Its like he is being distant but wants to be with me at the same time

    • It sounds like you may need to just turn up and collect them but don't go alone At tell end of the day he can't keep them by law So you can go round with the police if it becomes impossible

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  • When people do this kind of thing and aren't willing to speak with you about what they're feeling you can only go by their actions. And his actions are telling you he doesn't want to be in a relationship, and that he doesn't hold enough regard or respect for you to let you know to your face.
    I'd forget about the belongings, take the time to heal from his dismissal and move on with your life


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  • his behaviour might also mean he's deeply conflicted about something he feels he cannot express to you. Does anybody else know what's going on in his life

    • He is very private when it comes to his emotions. He doesn't talk to anyone about his personal life. He wasn't raised in a family that taught love and affection. It was a very poor and broken family. He started getting into trouble when he was at a young age. He is 32 now. I am the third person he has ever dated. Even when I say mushy things to him or compliments he gets very shy and just smiles. He has always been good to me more than expected. When we just started talking, I had to get a new tire put on my car, he met me at a tire shop he asked me to go to, took me to lunch and when we returned to get my car he had paid for a full new set on my car. He never let me pay for dinner when we ate out and he eats out every single day even if its mcdonalds. He doesn't cook lol I had met him two years ago when I worked at a local gas station. He started flirting with me one day and continued every time he saw me after that day. After 2 years of turning him down I gave in and went on a date,

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    • Ok I will Thank You! I still have hope!

    • awesome, I send you goodwill

  • you can get your stuff back if need be call out a member of the sheriff's office and they will let you get your stuff out


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