Girls, why is ex not dating?

My Ex girlfriend (21) broke up with me a little over 2 years ago, and I was heartbroken at the time. The breakup came out of nowhere as she started a new school.
She jumped into a new relationship 3 months later, and it died after only 2 months. Apart from a few dates the following couple of months, she hasn't been dating at all since then (1,5 years now)
I know this because she is the type of girl who tells about her dating life on her social profiles all the time.

She did try and contact me a year ago, but I just blocked her. (But she still didn't start dating)
Could it be second thoughts? 1.5 years total without a date seems a little extreme for a girl that age if you ask me.


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  • Who cares? Move on. It's none of your business.


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