I though I liked him?

I talk to this guy every day, and he was fun to be around and all. I though I liked him but now that we are "together" (not official. Just hanging out). I realize that I didn't really like him. Now I feel terrible, it wasn't what I expected it to be. How do I let him down? Or do I continue hanging out with him and slowly find ways to leave?
Story: when we talked as friends and said he never dated anyone before so I would be his "first". I though I liked him because he was funny and I liked to have him around. I confused these feelings to liking him. I let him hold my hand but now he acts like I'm his. We still act like friends, in the sense of we dont talk when we are alone, only when we are in group of friends. I realize I dont like him then, we can't be alone together and I dont have the desire to be with him.


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  • You yourself know the answer. Why to stay with a guy with whom you can't get comfortable with. Find another one.

  • dont let him down immediately it may break him , but give signs of ur dislike and break up with him

    • Yea thing is I don't know If we are dating. We don't text at all and talk in person just when we are in group settings but not when we are alone in a room

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