He broke up with me, do you think he'll be back?

I dated the most wonderful guy for almost 4 months. We never fought, got along great I feel he is the one.

Out of no where he breaks up with me and says that he doesn't feel as strong for me as I do for him and I asked how he could know how I feel and he said he just knew. He continued to say that he really likes me a lot over and over. He also said he doesn't see us going any further than we were. I continued to then ask him how he knew that after 3 1/2 months. He said he just doesn't.

He stayed over 2 nights prior to this and acted like his usual self. Was extremely affectionate, smelling my hair, kissing me on my hands and face, tickled me, stared at me, the usual way he is towards me. He eventually intiated sex and proceeded to stay the night like usual and cuddle with me. Said our goodbyes the next morning and said he would call me after work so I knew what time to expect him. He texted me later that evening said he ended up having to work the night shift and couldn't make it. He said for me to save him his chicken parm I made and he'd have it Saturday or Sunday.

That Saturday is when he ended it. I feel deep down he's it. I'm 27 and he's 27 as well. We clicked from day one and we always have a great time together.

I made the mistake of telling him I was late 2 weeks prior to him ending it. He texted me a week and a half later asking if I was pregnant and became real rude about it. I texted him back the next morning and was cold to him and said I just got his texts and No. He then proceeded to apologize for the attitude because he was freaking out.

He has not even asked me if I'm OK but I know he's been reading my status on FB and I'm only posting positive and happy stuff.

Do you think he'll be back or is it really over? I'm not sure if I freaked him out over my late pd. Plus he is going through his friend relapsing twice and he wants to move to a nicer place, hates his job and he is a 2 year sober recovering alcoholic. I finally found the guy that I could spend my life with and he ran.

Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.

Guys I could use your thoughts..


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  • what I think is that the gusy is bored of the relationship , you should try to do somethign to attract him more to you , otherwise I think he is not going back , maybe he just wanted to fool around and you fell in love too fast


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