Do people come back?

I love a guys since 5 years from now we were very good frds than he got committed to another girl stopped talking to me for no reason may be because I told him I liked him.. after one month he came back n said sorry for his behaviour n we bacame good frds again soon after some time he got intimate he cheated on his girlfriend with me but din left his girlfriend he said it was a mistake we again stopped talking than again he came back n said sorry I went crazy he did the same he says he love his girlfriend I asked than y r u doing this to me he had no answer I attempted sucide he left me n blocked me will he ever come back


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What Guys Said 2

  • whoa.

    That esclated quickly.

    Please do not worey about him. You are worth way more than that. He is an idiot not to realise it. Please get help.

  • Something similar happened to me, it all depends on the kind of person you are talking about. For what I can recover from what you wrote is that he for now is confused, he cheated and came back to his girlfriend, but somewhere inside him he doesn't like the relationship he is having and would like something else. With time he will realise, but he may not come back for a period of time. Hope it helps in some way.


What Girls Said 1

  • No they don't come back especially if they feel as if you're a distraction to their life. (no offense) But you have to make the right choices and refrain from messing with a taken man. By him coming back doesn't mean he's done boy dealing with his girlfriend or other girls he's trying to go after. Spare your heart and understand that you already did heavy damage and don't beat yourself up. The longer you dwell on a toxic situation the harder it'll be to recover.


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