Why is my ex boyfriend mad at me for being happy?

My boyfriend of nearly two years broke up with me a few nights ago. He said he hasn't been in love with me for the past couple months. I was really upset at first and begged him to try to work on our relationship, and he said no. Within a couple hours, I stopped crying and haven't since. I've been focusing on my job and hopefully a promotion as well as our 3 month old son. We are still living together and probably will until our lease is up in a few months, so I still see him every day. Today he was pretty much throwing any criticism he could at me, and I hadn't even done or said anything to him. I was minding my own business. And then he said, "Why'd you come home all happy yesterday like you've been talking to someone?" I haven't been talking to anyone, and I told him that, to which he replied, "yeah, sure." He also keeps bringing up my friend who I had planned to move in with once our lease is up... saying things like, "well you know they don't have (blank) at (blank)'s house.." I don't get it. He dumped me. Why is he giving me a hard time for trying to move on?


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  • Who cares really, that should be your stance. He made you his ex, therefore your life is no longer his business. Just remind him of that. Remind him that he made his decision and therefore you are not answerable to him anymore. He should focus on his own life now, just as you are doing.


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  • Because most people after a relationship is over is frustrated that their ex has moved on, but they still haven't, even if they didn't really love them. They might be jealous of the other person for being able to find happiness.


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