We keep going back and forth and there seems to be no way to work things out. Should I move on and go no contact?

I'm 23 an she's 18. We started dating about a month ago and we just feel off from the start. We break up and go right back to each other until one time, she didn't want a relationship anymore. She wanted to be single because her relationships don't work out. She told me she wanted me to stop lying about the little things an stop over reacting over things that don't matter. She want's to work on herself. She doesn't want to be so rude and mean to me. We agreed on that and to not talk to anyone we feel attracted to. We just be friends and hang out and work on our situations for a month and a half. If a month and a half goes by and we don't fix things, she said we can try again. She said she is not looking to hurt me or anything. She also knows she has to say yes and nothing else, or she will end up hurting me either way.

I have a nice car, got some money. She doesn't ask for me things because I'm always the one to ask her and she just says yes. So she can't really be using me. Recently, we hang out and it's the same dumb crap as before. We can't talk about things cause she doesn't like to communicate. She hates talking about relationships. She said she is a grown women and deals with her problems her self. She confuses me all the time with the things she says and does and when I want to talk about things, she gets mad. When I want to try to talk about why she tells her family and friends that were friends but were really "talking", she gets mad. She says it's none of there business.

I told her a relationship isn't one sided. Communication is key. She doesn't care though. Now, when I try to run, she always try's to run back. I always accept her back cause she is showing remorse. When she trys to run back she always is a rude person but eventually takes me back.

I keep coming back cause I am a real religious person. God told me I would be in a relationship with her for 8-9 years. I am only trusting in his word. I trust him over anyone.

Should I move on?


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  • my opinion is that a relationship will never be the same as it was the first time after you get back together with someone so you should probably stop dating

    • Okay, by what I said to you about what she said to me. Do you think she is really wanting to work on this stuff or use me?

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  • I don't know if you will move on.

    • I will if you give me a good reason to move on.

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    • Foundation? Explain to me what your saying there. Like we can't meet on good terms and agree on things?

    • You both don't hold together the foundation to keep a relationship going, such as communication.

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