What do you do when you can't let go?

I've tried to let go of the relationship multiple times. So has he. We aren't together now. But we can't seem to actually let go of each other and move on. Even though we both think that might be best.

something is keeping us holding on. And I feel like I want to let go, but I CAN'T...I guess I really don't want to. We can be so perfect for each other. But it's like he won't let it actually happen. It's long distance, so it's just too hard. But I know if he just let me move there we would be fine, because we're so great when we're actually together. We both recognize that. But now I feel like I'll never truly be happy with him again, because of how much he's pushed me away and hurt me.

Why can't I just let go? Is it a sign that I'm not supposed to, or am I just stupid and weak?


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  • you're weak and don't have the confidence or know how to move on...this takes practice and grows with experience...try finding a new boyfriend for starters or at least a good friend at a minimum

    • I have tried, but everyone I meet makes me think of how amazing he really is. I just don't get it. He acts like he wants to be with me, and he claims the only reason he won't let me move there is because he may be getting re-stationed again in a few months. But part of me feels like it's because he's just having fun being single in a new city...then why won't he just let me go?

    • He will let you go when he finds another girlfriend or friend in his locality

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