Boyfriend broke up with me after together over 9 years, I need to know how to win him back. please help.

My ex and I were together for over 9 years and were both in love. He says that he still loves me but says two people can love each other and still not be together. He says he knows what he wants in life and knows that it takes time to get that. We had our problems but no one cheated on the other and no violence to let you know. He broke up with me in April and have not seen each other face to face since but have talked on the phone on weekends. He told me recently that it was hard on him to that he broke up with me, but then said that he was just throwing this in the air that I was "free" to date other people, that tore me up bad. Before that I was trying to just be friends and still hoping that we would get back together and I did not say anything about the relationship or anything. But after he said that it was like it set a lot in motion and I kind of got crazy with emails asking for us to work this out together and not to give up on us or me and let him know how much I loved him and if we could just sit and talk to see if we could find common ground. This is the exact response I got from him. Please tell me exactly what he is saying because to me I feel mixed signals. "I'm not intentionally ignoring you, I just don't have much time right now and maybe not until after, or near, the end of June. My job is really getting to me right now and, to be honest, my job is on the line. If I don't get this done, I will lose my job. I don't want to address the topics you've mentioned in your past emails, but I think we're on different phases. Don't get so caught up on what has happened and enjoy your time with Andrew. Make new friends, live life and make the most of it. I don't want this to be a continuous email chain because that too is time consuming, but please try to see things differently."...OK, that is the response that I got and after that I did not call him this weekend. Andrew is my son by the way. Andrew is 15, so as you can see that I am not a teenager but we still hurt at any age. Please help.. I just need someone to break it down for me in detail what he is saying in his email, I don't want to address the topics you have mentioned in your past emails, But I think were in different phases, But please try to think differently...I want to get back together with him and don't want to lose him. I just don't know what to do or where to begin, please help it hurts so bad.
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We have only been broke up since April 26th of this year.
Boyfriend broke up with me after together over 9 years, I need to know how to win him back. please help.
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